Rejuvenation Station Car Diffuser

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Patented aromatherapy diffusion for your car, truck, and things that go. As far as we know, this is the first car fragrancer with POWER – that plugs into your 12-volt outlet. The Power Car Fragrancer comes with 4 individually foil-packed essential oil sachets; each lasts up to a week. Refills available.
Aromatherapy is more than just great fragrance – the essential oils used in the Drive Time Power Car Fragrancer blends are chosen to energize you (ginger and nutmeg in our Energy 2.0™), refresh you (try Rejuvenation Station™ with lavender and lemongrass), or keep you going (spearmint and peppermint) with Alertness A-Go-Go™.)

Patented design, 1.5 inches by 4-inch taper, Power Car Fragrancer™ slides easily into your car’s 12-volt auxiliary power outlet, (also known as a cigarette lighter.)

Four aromatherapy sachets sold with fragrancer, foil barrier sealed for freshness until ready to use. When fragrancer is loaded with a sachet and inserted into a running vehicle’s 12-volt outlet, aromatherapy is diffused throughout vehicle. Fragrance lasts for days. Sachets are easy to replace. Fragrancer features High and Low diffusion levels for desired volume.

Also features “Off” setting when aromatherapy is not desired.