Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

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Tangy and sweet raspberry fudge is covered with Valley Fudge’s decadent, Dark Chocolate Fudge to form this fabulous flavor! Hurry to order this irresistible truffle fudge because it’s only around for a short period of time each year. You won’t be sorry you ordered this dreamy Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Fudge!

 All of Valley Fudge is hand-crafted in small batches in their Licensed Manufacturing Facility in Coon Valley, Wisconsin. They only use 100% real Wisconsin butter from Westby Creamery in each batch of fudge.  They think that’s their secret weapon to helping us serve up the creamiest and tastiest fudge you’ll ever eat!  Each ½ pound piece of fudge is packaged in a tamper-proof, reusable and recyclable container. Packaging is complete with a convenient, small knife which is perfect for serving and sharing on the go.  It will last at least four weeks at room temperature. Valley Fudge does not recommend refrigerating the fudge as that will dry it out. However, it can be frozen if double-wrapped.